On The Road With Autonomous Cars

Can't wait to get mine, LOL! These should be called dumb cars because no brain is required. I've noticed there is a serious effort underway for towns and cities around where I live to make the streets/roads safer than ever before. Now there are new signs, bright new road paint, new crosswalks and other safety features that roads didn't used to have. I guess it's all to help keep autonomous cars from crashing and to help keep people alert to the possible hazard of autonomous cars making a mistake.

The autonomous cars rely on cameras to operate. Is this why new roads have so much bright reflective paint? I've noticed how there is a big push in clothing retail of neon colors such as orange, pink and green. Also there is more reflective material in clothing too. Is this to get people to wear these colors/clothing to make it easier for autonomous cars' cameras to detect people in order to avoid hitting them? Where was all this safety shit decades ago? People aren't going to be driving cars anymore, but the cars are going to be driving people.