The New Age Movement Is A Trick
The New Age Movement (NAM) is a revamped combination of ancient religious, traditions and practices. The movement gets its name from the belief in the emergence of the "Age of Aquarius". In addition to ancient influences, the NAM is deeply rooted in the counterculture movement of the 1960's.
Below are some specific areas were New Age and Christian principles are diametrically opposed;

Christianity - Lucifer is Satan

New Age - Lucifer is the true son of God

Christianity - awaits Christ's 2nd coming

New Age - awaits the one world government of Maitreya

Christianity - Jesus is God

New Age - Jesus is one of many

Christianity - we are saved by grace

New Age - We achieve Godhood through works

Christianity - Jesus is the way

New Age - our Christ-Consciousness is the way to salvation

Christianity - we must worship God

New Age - we must worship the creation

Christianity - we will be resurrected

New Age - we will be reincarnated

Christianity - the word is truth

New Age - the truth is within

Christianity - Sin must be overcome

New Age - there is no sin

Christianity - Christ is our redeemer

New Age - we create our own divinity

Christianity - God is the creator

New Age - humanity has evolved separate of God
It is difficult to not conclude that the New Age Movement is an intentional effort to confuse and mislead mankind with a myriad of practices for achieving "godhood"; including and not limited to: Astrology, Bio-energy,

Chi energy, Esoteric cosmology, Nirvana, Occult practices, reincarnation, cosmic consciousness,
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I think a pretty good exposé of the New Age Movement and how it's a con that will keep tricking people as it already has.