John Adams Afternoon Commute with Jay Dyer and Jamie Hanshaw

John and Myself(Chris) join Jay Dyer and Jamie Hanshaw in a free ranging discussion about many topics including; Laurel Canyon, The Music Industry, Weaponized Culture, Vietnam, Fragrance, Geopolitics, Nihilism, Evolutionism, The Middle East, Fake Terror, Immigration, Gender Roles, Occult Symbolism, Pizza, Jay's new book: Esoteric Hollywood.

Commute Music: Light My Fire by Julie London

John Adams Afternoon Commute w/ Jay Dyer and Jamie Hanshaw
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This call was pretty good except for where Jay Dyer downplays misunderstandings in occult symbolism. The one eye symbol is notoriously known to represent Luciferianism and is known as the eye of Lucifer. It's occult significance is too obvious at this point with all the YouTube videos and websites dedicated to showing us why it's significant. You can't deny the all-seeing eye doesn't come from Luciferianism. The eye of Horus is well known from ancient Egypt to symbolize the secret societies worshiping Lucifer.

Also Jay says that Thomas Aquinas wasn't a mason or Luciferian. The guy is tied to Christian Mysticism, Mysticism is tied to Luciferianism. Also he was a member of the Dominican Order or the Order of Preachers. Orders are generally associated with masonry or the craft. Aquinas was made a Saint by the controlled and con of a religion the Catholic Church. It's one thing to be heavily promoted by the Catholic Church like Aquinas was but to be made a Saint, come on. That should tell you right there what is going on. Also the Thomas Aquinas is considered a Doctor of the Catholic Church, LOL! Aquinas was put before us to influence people's view on God and Jesus Christ in my opinion.

I was actually surprised by Jay about this considering he usually spills the beans on the occult. Jay isn't one to refrain from occult symbolism if I check out and listen to his previous podcasts. Jay knows about the Eye of Horus and it's occult significance. To take Thomas Aquinas seriously and think he was innocent is a joke. The "important people" given to us to be remembered throughout history such as Thomas Aquinas are by design. He was just another actor on the world stage pushing an agenda. If he didn't, nobody would have heard of Thomas Aquinas.