Loren Cordain: Front Man or the Real Deal?

The Paleo Diet is a book written by Loren Cordain.

In the book, Loren talks about how we must go back to eating the way humans were eating during the paleo/caveman times of 12,000 years ago, because we haven't had time to adapt to the westernized diet.

For the last several years, the paleo diet has gone mainstream. Tons of authority figures such as doctors support this movement now.

Was this way of eating put out there to be the solution to the problems that were created in the first place?

The low fat craze suddenly turned into an obesity epidemic.

The food supply is tainted with so much artificial ingredients.

Maybe the Hegelian Dialectic?
Here is a picture of Loren Cordain. He is not thin or in shape for someone advocating a diet.

Is he a front man? Appeal to doctor authority?

Just like health/diet authority figure Dr. Andrew Weil?