Acting Job: Faking Parkinson's Disease


Michael J. Fox has Parkinson's Disease right? Or does he fake it?

Is Michael J. Fox part of charities/foundations that scam people to donate money?

Well if you check out these posts from Clues Forum and Fakeologist, you will see Michael J. Fox is faking Parkinson's.

Why would he do this?

Maybe his career was winding down and he knew he was done in the film/TV/entertainment industry.

At the time he came out having Parkinson's, he was doing a Sitcom called Spin City on TV.

He went from television to big time movies to being reduced back to television.

He no longer was staring in movies like Back to the Future.

Maybe he had a hunch work was going to start slowing down for him in the near future and getting roles was going to be harder, especially since he was getting older.

Most of his roles were teenage boy characters or really young male characters in movies and TV.

Maybe that had something to do with his height?

Michael J. Fox is listed at 5' 4". My "wild" guess is a lot of male 5' 4" actors don't get big parts in movies like taller actors.

So was Michael J. Fox thinking his run was coming to an end?

Maybe he wouldn't be getting big acting roles in the future?

Why not accept a steady acting job like Parkinson's and never worry about finding work again or bouncing around to different acting roles.

Why not accept an offer to fake Parkinson's for the rest of his life and get paid good for it.

What Michael J. Fox is really doing is faking Parkinson's for the Parkinson's charities that collect people's hard earned money. That money goes towards "Parkinson's Research" we are told.

Are they really searching for a cure or just taking money from the masses?

Maybe most of the money is going towards Michael's bank account.

He has his own charity called the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Does Michael justify duping people because he thinks they are stupid for falling for this scam and it's not his fault for duping people. Maybe some duping delight on his part.

Seriously, come on, he is an actor. How could an actor, act like he has something wrong with him like a disease?

Oh wait, actors do that all the time in movies, so why not act out the disease in real life?

What if he said to himself: Yeah I can dupe people into thinking I have Parkinson's disease. I'm a really good actor. I'm definitely up for this role/challenge to fake a disease for life and get paid for it.