Monday, February 29, 2016

Did Dave McGowan Die Or Did He Fake His Death?

Dave McGowan has put out some good information. His best work was the book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream. Even though most of that book is bullshit, the best parts of the book talk about how Laurel Canyon was basically the headquarters of the creation of hippie rock music bands of the 1960s and 1970s. It gave you the impression of how manufactured the 1960s/1970s hippie rock music was.

Also he wrote a series on the Apollo Moon missions called Wagging the Moondoggie, a series on 9/11, and a series on the Boston Marathon Bombing . 

Dave McGowan was 100% controlled opposition. Where did Dave McGowan get all this information to write a book about Laurel Canyon? He really exposed the 1960s/1970s manufactured hippie music industry and somehow he just researched all of this? I'm very skeptical how Dave McGowan can get a major book published like Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon this that is in bookstores and on Also Dave has his own page:

How does this guy have 5 published books and these multi part series on the moon landings being faked, the Boston Bombing, and 9/11 without being controlled opposition?

I have no doubt that Dave McGowan faked his death. Dave was diagnosed with cancer and decided to get chemotherapy. I assume Dave is a skeptic based off his work and hearing him talk. Why would he not know chemotherapy can be deadly? Seriously? He did Chemo instead of trying alternative methods which are well known in the skeptic community. I don't buy it for one second.

Dave McGowan allegedly died on November 22, 2015.  Same date that JFK allegedly got murdered, which I think didn't happen and he just exited the stage. Check this great expose of the JFK Assassination being a hoax:

Multiple numbers like 11, 22, 33, 99 etc. are masonic code. The media is always using double numbers to report alleged events that have taken place. It's common practice to code news stories as fake with double numbers and it's also masonic.

Dave McGowan had to be in a secret society. That is how he got put out to give the information he had on Laurel Canyon and his other work. He was manufactured himself just like Laurel Canyon manufactured Hippie rock music. Most controlled opposition are secret society members and they get promoted like truth messiahs for us to follow. Don't think for yourself, trust Truther Messiah Dave McGowan. He won't let you down.

Dave exited the stage. He probably wanted to retire from being controlled opposition and also faking your death is freemason ritual.


  1. I was once a fan of McGowan's. His LC articles were fascinating but, alas, in the end I had to admit they were simply "conspiracy candy" that carefully side-stepped the more important issues. Yes, he showed us that the 1960s-70s rock stars were connected to military intelligence but they also avoided the underlying reasons for this such as drug pushing and the general erosion of social standards, etc. Yes, he spoke of the Apollo hoax but completely ignored the bigger issue that the entire space program is a fraud. Yes, he revealed the spooks' connection to serial killers but avoided telling us that these were mostly hoaxes. And so on.

    Did you know that Dave had a degree in psychology from UCLA? So what does a a psychologist with an expensive degree do for a living? Well, he went into the construction trade (huh?) building offices for psychiatrists and doctors. Kind of an odd mix for a guy who is supposedly revealing the mysteries of the old rabbit hole, isn't it?

    1. In construction = Freemason

  2. I agree 100%. Thanks for providing this information on Dave McGowan.

  3. Are you insane?

  4. What a desperate horseshit page based on gut-feelings & assumptions. Pathetic.


  5. Desperate for what? Dave McGowan did a lot of lying in his books and interviews. He also gave a lot of truth. Truth mixed with lies. Pattern of controlled opposition.

    Friedrich Nietzsche had a great quote:

    “I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.”

    This applies to Dave McGowan. He lied and now I don't trust what he says without being skeptical. If you're this animated about Dave McGowan I suspect you are hero worshiping him just like what his purpose was in the first place. Follow him and don't question anything this truth messiah says to you. All these controlled opposition people given to us with a big following are meant to rope you in and make you think they are truth saviors to trust and not question and provide you with all the answers.

    Dave McGowan was also an occultist or Luciferian and there is an occult ritual practice of faking one's death that goes on. If Dave wants to fake his death for his occultist belief crap, then he can feel free and go ahead. I certainly am not falling for it and nor did I.

    If you want to think Dave McGowan is dead and wouldn't lie about faking his death, then go ahead. I don't care. I'm not here to convince, I only put out what I think is the truth.

    If you think it's horseshit then fine think that.

    I know there are a lot and I mean a lot of controlled opposition put before us to give us amazing information about how the reality we are given is false and to show us how. So I don't hero worship. I know the game. I know the patterns. I'll use what is given and discard the bullshit. If any of these guys like Alan Watt, Mark Passio, Miles Mathis, YouTubers with a big following, etc. have bad health or fall ill, I will be suspicious. Also I don't care if they fake their deaths either, but I will call bullshit if I think it's not legit.

    Also fake deaths happen in all these Psyops, with celebrities, musicians, academia, professional sports players, etc. So I'm used to figuring out these types fake their deaths whether for money, ego, or some occult belief system that they only understand and think.

  6. Three comments from three anonymous users who all read the same all within minutes of each other. That's the end of anonymous commenting. I thought I would allow it and but someone got carried away.

  7. Shane: When you make a claim such as you have done here- it's up to you to back it up with something of substance.
    And you haven't!!!

    "Dave McGowan was 100% controlled opposition"

    Where is your proof? You offer nothing other then aspersion.

    Dave published books? Many people publish books. Some people even self publish. So that 'claim' proves nothing other then some publisher may have thought they could make some money off of the work of another individual.

    " Dave was diagnosed with cancer and decided to get chemotherapy" And that implies controlled opposition to you?
    Really? Perhaps you've never witnessed desperate persons making desperate medical decisions?- But I have.
    Including the nothing left to lose willingness to be a guinea pig for big pharma

    "Yes, he spoke of the Apollo hoax but completely ignored the bigger issue that the entire space program is a fraud"
    And that implies controlled opposition? That makes me laugh- It couldn't just be a lack of time? A real world life?

    I could bring up more points, but, won't- You have an opinion- It's yours to espouse and yours to own.

    Now here is my opinion in that regard:

    Your 'Faked Death" claim is an opinion loaded with unsubstantiated accusations- That cross over into slander and extreme bad taste.

    You claim to be a 'truth teller'- To tell truth you need to be credible- And your credibility is lacking

  8. What do you consider evidence of controlled opposition? Maybe Dave McGowan needs to come and tell you he is controlled opposition and then that is good enough for you. Or maybe you can see the clues. If you don't then go ahead and believe Dave McGowan is legit.

    I never said because Dave McGowan got books published therefore he is controlled opposition. Where do you see that? Just show me where I said that?

    I never said Dave was diagnosed with cancer and got chemotherapy and that implies controlled opposition. Are you insane? That is two misquotes. Also how would that make sense? Saying you are getting chemotherapy makes you controlled opposition? You aren't reading what I said.

    Why didn't Dave McGowan just admit NASA was a complete fraud? You know the Apollo Missions are fake, why would he not put two and two together and think yeah the whole thing is contrived? That takes time, LOL! Because he couldn't and wasn't allowed.

    What about your credibility? Who the fuck are you? How do I know you have any credibility or maybe your one of the many paid agents that keep coming on here to stick up for Dave McGowan like he was Jesus Christ the son of God?

    Since you love Dave McGowan so much maybe you should just go to California and offer to blow him. He probably loves people that aren't skeptical of anything he did.

  9. Hello Shane: You made the claim that Dave McGowan is controlled oppostion, it's up to you to make the case. You haven’t. And that makes your credibility the issue

    “You have demonstrated nothing that would show Dave McGowan was, to quote directly from your post: "Dave McGowan was 100% controlled opposition" You've made a statement of fact but you have not shown it to be real, true or correct.

    insinuate/ion: " insinuation. 1 : the act or process of insinuating. 2 : something that is insinuated; especially : a sly, subtle, and usually derogatory utterance"

    Here's you insinuation (fake opposition) with regard to Dave having chemotherapy:

    "Dave was diagnosed with cancer and decided to get chemotherapy. I assume Dave is a skeptic based off his work and hearing him talk. Why would he not know chemotherapy can be deadly? Seriously?"

    You very clearly insinuated that as a skeptic Dave should have known that chemotherapy was deadly and decided against it. Insinuation is proof of nothing.

    Ignoring the multiple logical fallacies of ad hominem you've engaged in...: Ad hominem (Latin for "to the man" or "to the person"[1]), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a logical fallacy in which an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.[2]

    As you've done in your response to me "maybe your one of the many paid agents"

    Do you pull that kind of stuff out of a hat? Is this place so influential with such a huge following that you think anyone, anyone at all, would be paid to come here? To keep tabs on you? Or are you just paranoid?

    I will reiterate: You have an opinion, it's yours to have- but you cannot make a statement of claim, a statement of fact, then bolster it with logical fallacies and aspersion and then expect to be taken as credible.

    "Dave McGowan was 100% controlled opposition"

    So your post remains an opinion. Your opinion. Albeit an unsubstantiated one, but whatever. Your credibility regarding this claim is still lacking- You have demonstrated nothing that would show Dave McGowan was to quote your statement of fact "Dave McGowan was 100% controlled opposition"

    Statement of fact- 'A fact is a statement that is real or true, or a thing that can be shown to be real or true" You’ve not done anything like that at all.

  10. I would have probably gone on believing Dave, had he died on any day BUT Nov 22nd! Recall his habit of emphasizing the ridiculous coincidences of death dates in his Laurel Canyon book!!
    Nov 22nd, 1963: not just JFK, but also C.S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley. COME ON.

  11. Dave is/was akin to Alex Jones (albeit a much more articulate & pleasant version). "Center for an Informed America",eh? You know...C.I.A. Agents / character actors / performance artists / Masons. He was an odd looking and sounding little thing, too - very feminine and petite despite being a manly 'construction worker'... He did do some very interesting work, but the Masons do that, balancing the black with the white, one good deed for each evil one. He got some $$$ out of me too, especially with his sob story about cancer and losing his house. Farewell, little Agent Dave, and I'm sure we'll see you again (maybe as a woman, or with a moustache or somerhing.)

  12. P.s. Thank you Shane for authoring this. I was irritated by that Nov 22nd death date, so I did some googling & found your site.
    Dave McGowan is a suspicious name in my opinion, considering the story of the actress Rose McGowan. It's kind of a crypto-Rosicrucian name, leaving out the "Rose". They do all have to identify/declare themselves somehow.

  13. Pardon my serial commenting, but one last thing about these characters: use their own methods on them!! Dave's own method of research reveals his fraud. (Death date in particular).
    Also, look where Dave went to high school, alongside many musicians, actors, politicians and sports stars:
    Torrance High School is a popular filming location for television and motion picture production. It is most widely known for its appearance in high-profile television shows, including Beverly Hills, 90210 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is the alma mater of broadcaster Paul Moyer, Medal of Honor recipient Ted Tanouye, World War II prisoner of war Louis Zamperini, and professional golfer Angela Park.

  14. Yeah people see pictures of Dave McGowan and think Oh My God Look How Thin He Got From Cancer. Well he was always that thin going back to the first pictures we saw of him several years ago.

    Good point about him working in construction too. He should have more muscle mass, unless he didn't do any of the physical work anymore and just managed. Still he always looked too thin.

    Yes the masons do balance the black with the white. That's what people don't understand about controlled opposition. They think it's either black or white. No. These controlled opposition/masons balance the black with the white. Good information with the disinformation. You have to separate the wheat from the chaff with controlled opposition. If you can't then you better hope someone helps you to do so because that is how controlled opposition operates. That's the formula.

    It's fucked up he took people's money like yours for faking cancer. I guarantee you there is some masonic justification that he follows so this way he doesn't have to feel guilty.

    What would be absolutely hilarious is if Dave was actually going through a Bruce Jenner thing where the fake death was part of him transitioning into a woman possibly. Like plastic surgery, possibly other surgery, LOL! Exit as a man and come back as a woman. I know masons love androgyny. Maybe that is where all the cancer donation money went to.

  15. All your comments are welcome. You're not serial commenting. You're posting excellent info and I'm learning a lot. Thank you!

  16. So when you say he lied, you mean by omission? Or are you referring to something more specific?

  17. Are you talking about what I wrote in this blog post or what I wrote in the comments?

  18. Comments is where you said he "did a lot of lying in his books and interviews"

  19. Yes with his books and interviews he did lie in my opinion. For example he wrote the book Programmed to Kill. He suggests that people are mind controlled to kill and that there are mind controlled assassins. First of all you don't need to mind control people to get them to kill other people. Chris Kendall of has pointed out on many occasions about what would be the point of programming a person to kill when you can find people willing to do it no questions asked? You could go to East Los Angeles and find people ready to kill. They don't need to be programmed to do it, LOL!

    Also in the book Programmed to Kill, McGowan fails to question if serial killers are even real. Maybe those serial killers are part of a series of Psyops perpetrated on the public to cause fear and panic. Look at the Son of Sam Psyop, David Berkowitz: A whole city was on panic alert during the summer of '76 and '77 over some possible made up serial killer, who was most likely a crisis actor. Why isn't Dave McGowan questioning whether serial killers are a massive Psyop using elements of theater and stagecraft? I for one won't believe in one serial killer being real and I think all of them were staged Psyops on the public.

    In Derailing Democracy he again is pushing events as real when there is a lot of fakery going on in news stories. He fails to question the whole media apparatus faking news and how it puts forth fake news stories to scare the public. He doesn't ask if all the mass killings and shootings that are going on allegedly are possibly fake or staged.

    Maybe when Dave wrote those books he wasn't aware of fakery and staged events. Still he should have done something to correct that because he was definitely hip to the Boston Marathon Bombing being staged before he allegedly died. People will keep reading those books having no idea serial killers might be staged Psyops or that there are fake news stories in the media.

    In Dave's interviews, I noticed you couldn't get him to admit to other events being staged such as 9/11. He didn't seem to suspect other big Psyop events being staged somehow. I find that hard to believe and he is either avoiding talking about staged events besides the Boston Marathon Bombing or he is not allowed to talk about other staged events. As in he must have some handler looking over his shoulder to make sure he doesn't talk about more staged events.

    I like Dave's Laurel Canyon work, but I have to call bullshit when someone knows the Boston Marathon Bombing was a hoax, but is somehow bewildered when it comes to other Psyops being staged.

  20. So, by omission then.