Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Why Can't Tim Talk About Chemtrails In Toronto?

Followers or visitors to the website will know after a certain point that talk of Chemtrails on Faeologist is very restricted. Forum posts have gone to the derailling room on this topic. Even searching for chemtrails on Fakeologist brings up limited talk of them in blog posts by Tim. This is a topic Tim is told by his handler not to go near, to avoid or at best try to come up with an excuse for chemtrails being contrails from commercial planes.

Why would this be the case? Well, the handler of Tim wants to have a feel of everything is fake and bad things don't happen. It's also a way of turning off critical thinking by assuming so much of life is fake all because of media fakery. The handler of Tim who is helping coordinate wants a dismissive attitude of life to be imparted on the innocent visitor. To think of life as a no big deal because there's so much fakery. The attitude has to be that fakery is so rampant in the world and we must question if anything is actually real or harmful. Keeping you in sort of a state of passiveness.

So Tim's handler wants Chemtrails to be swept under the rug as far as existing and that is why Tim must be in denial of Chemtrails taking place over the skies of Toronto. Tim has to deny Toronto has ever had a trace of chemtrail. It must be called a contrail from a commercial plane that Tim must say he sees near the Toronto International Airport. He can't waver from that. He will deny that Chemtrails are forbidden from being talked about on even though two topics of it are in the derailling room.

Anybody can watch videos on YouTube about chemtrails in Toronto. They exist. Former Fakeologist member Johnny Clues, who lives in Toronto has confirmed the existence of these persistent trails in the skies of Toronto. Tim is being paid to lie about Chemtrails. It goes against the handler blueprint for It would contradict the Fakeology theme at It's very important that Chemtrails be kept on the down low. Just stick to media fakery.

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