Saturday, March 3, 2018

YouTube Removes Two Videos And Gives Me Two Strikes In Just 7 Days. The End Is Coming

I already mentioned how YouTube gave me a strike to my channel because I'm allegedly violating community guidelines with a crisis actor video I posted from the Paris Attacks. It was a video from 2015 and YouTube removed it and gave me a strike. I posted about it here and how I suspected my channel is going to be brought down soon by YouTube. Now it's been 6 days and YouTube already delivered a second removal of a YouTube video with another account strike. The video is from the Virginia Shooting back in 2015 which showed a Police Chief talking about a "planned" car chase. So now that's two videos posted back in 2015 taken down in one week and I know the end is coming. So which video will YouTube take down next and put the final nail in the coffin?

I also noticed Ab Fakeologist had his channel shut down this week as he mentioned. Chris Kendall on this past week's Hoax Buster's Call said he now has two strikes on his YouTube account from "violating community guidelines" and those videos were removed. So I predict the Hoax Busters Call YouTube is coming down soon. There is this channel John Adams started, so hopefully the old Hoax Busters videos can be uploaded there.

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