Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Hidden $100,000 Price Tag On Being Transgender

There's a massive price tag on being transgender in Australia.

For some, the cost of surgery and treatment for gender dysphoria will crack $100,000.

The ABC's new podcast The Signal has been following one woman's effort to find the money she needs to transition, while living below the poverty line.

Stand-up comedy has been Cassie Workman's main income for the past seven or eight years.

Normally, it's just enough cash to scrape by, but recently she's also been diverting as much as she can towards an estimated $85,000 in medical, administrative and incidental costs associated with her transition to a woman.

That includes everything from surgery to taxis home at night, because of the elevated risk of assault for trans women.

The hidden $100,000 price tag on being transgender |
Shouldn't this alone deter people from considering being transgender or question it at least?

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