Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wow!! New NASA Live Feed EPIC FAIL! They Cut Live Feed Right As Her Harness Malfunctions!

This is a good video showing how NASA whether by design or accident fucks up the faking of the international space station. The author of this video is a heavy promoter of flat earth which I want nothing to do with. So this is not a blanket endorsement of this YouTube channel by any means. I just like this one video by this guy, but I couldn't give a rat's ass about what the shape of the earth is and getting into a back and forth about flat earth vs globe or whatever the shape of the earth may be.

New NASA live feed epic fails. Astronaut Peggy Whitson tries a flip in space and has a malfunction with her harness, clearly showing the ISS footage to be fake, once again! We take an in depth look into this shocking footage.

Flat Earth Talk

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