Sunday, June 25, 2017

White Collar: The American Middle Classes

This book is worth reading if you want to know how white collar jobs came along and how jobs started shifting to a service economy. This book goes into how people needed to be more "educated" in order to take on white collar jobs. This meant the graduation rate for high school had to go up and also the literacy rate too. This book really goes over all the bullshit associated with so called white collar jobs. It talks about the fakeness of what white collar jobs entail such as faking personality as a sale person or faking appearance as a sales person. The last chapter, The Politics of the Rearguard pretty much sums up from C. Wright Mills's point of view (I think for the elites reading this book or those in the know) that the white collar, new middle class are discombobulated, ignorant and are no threat as a class.

Here is the free pdf of the book:

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