The Transhumanism National Geographic Cover
This cover of the latest National Geographic is pushing the transhumanism agenda. Merging man and machine. Also National Geographic recently had another transhumanism/transgender cover from back in January 2017:

It's no surprise to me National Geographic is promoting transhumanism to the masses. Using this publication to propagate this crap is obviously part of a strong push to ram this through all of the sudden.

The powers that be and those at the top of the pyramid want us to be as easily controllable as possible. The more mechanical we are the easier it is to control us. Transhumanism will get people to become more mechanical than they already are. Machines are predictable and the those who rule over us know that people need to become more like machines so they can be more predictable. By getting people to embrace having technology installed on or inside their bodies, those who rule over us will have a better managed slave population who act as close to robots like never before.

The transgender agenda is part of transhumanism in the form of getting rid of gender which helps blur the lines between man and woman which makes us more manageable. By making men more feminine or confusing them to want to be women, the powers that be are disabling that aggressive nature in man to rebel. Having men be confused about their gender or more feminine is less threatening to the powers that be. All this big fuss about having transgender bathrooms is because they are going to engineer the younger generations more so than the older generations to be confused about their gender which they are currently doing too. Basically the future will have more transgenders and having these public bathrooms in place is like laying the groundwork for the future of a large transgender/genderless population.