Calcified Lies is a deep critical thinker and I enjoy what he has to say. He really blew me away with this latest video. He questions the rigidness, restrictions and lack of freedom in our lives in this video. The way we are trained to be automatons by fictional constructs like time.

Calcified Lies questions our manufactured reality with videos like these and his critical analysis and commentary you can learn a lot from. He sees the cons and deception and can break them down and expose them unlike lots of critical thinkers and skeptics out there.

I know Calcified Lies has been critical of Chris Kendall and John Adams for associating with Jay Dyer which I can't blame him for. I agree with Calcified Lies on Jay Dyer being controlled opposition or an agent, but I think Chris Kendall and John Adams are genuine researchers and I've learned a lot from the both of them and still do. I think it's just a misunderstanding by Calcified Lies about John and Chris. I see a lot of similarities between how deep critically Chris Kendall and Calcified Lies think and the two of them should be really conversing with their thoughts about life instead of on opposite sides of each other.