Satellites DO NOT EXIST, Are Unnecessary And Impossible

This video is a look at the hypothesis of satellites and the varying ranges of so-called satellites by the likes of NASA. Many globers use satellites as "proof" of a spinning sphere, however no glober has ever seen a satellite, other than a CG animation or artists rendering... The simple fact is, even if we had little tin cans hundreds and yes thousands of miles away, they would be so ineffective at what they're claimed for, it's laughable to realize they tricked the world about this topic for so long. NASA and all space agencies are obviously in on this deception, and I'm pretty sure the ISP and Cable providers will be PRETTY PISSED to find they've been paying NASA some unGodly sum (to be sure), in order to utilize the highly "expensive" satellite technology which provides the signal for ALL Cable and "Dish" companies. All of the data which comes across any television is sourced to the same point... That source point is NOT satellite, but instead the CIA / Military Industrial Complex itself... The government has unlimited money, so they of course own everything. Satellites are the perfect cover for "global communication" being a highly complex grid of satellites, however this video intends to show that satellites are theoretically IMPOSSIBLE (since the world is a stationary plane), especially when referring to satellites well above the 500 mile mark...

Jonathan Christopulos