Friday, January 6, 2017

Esoteric Hollywood: Jennifer Sodini, Blade Runner, Gnostic Sex Cults & Symbols In Film

Jennifer Sodini of Evolve and Ascend joined me to cover my book, Esoteric Hollywood – Jennifer co-wrote the Legend chapter with me, and in this podcast we delve into the many signs and symbols in the biggest films covered in the text. From Blade Runner to Labyrinth to E.T., we survey social engineering, Conspiracy Theory, Hollywood CIA, The Saint, Plato’s allegory of the cave, waking people up through movies, the source of creative impulses, propaganda, Laurel Canyon and Lookout Mountain, Man Ray and the Black Dahlia, Radiohead and 9/11, Philip K. Dick, sex bot replicants, Prometheus, esotericism and the occult in Hollywood, gnostic theatrics, Howard Hughes and Orson Welles, F for Fake, fake news, Citizen Kane and much, much more!

Jay Dyer

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