The Last Team To Visit The White House?

LeBron James may have made his third and final trip to the White House on Thursday. Well, at least until the next Presidential election in four years.

James has been honored twice before at the White House after winning the NBA Championship with the Miami Heat. This is slightly different, however. LeBron's teammate, Richard Jefferson, hinted that the Cleveland Cavaliers visit to the White House will be the last for an NBA team now that President-elect Donald Trump will be moving into the nation's most famous address in January.

On the eve of the Cavs being honored by President Obama for winning the 2016 NBA title, Jefferson posted a not-so-subtle message on Snapchat on Wednesday night, saying: "Words cannot express the honor I feel being the last team to visit the White House tomorrow."

Coincidentally, before the President was scheduled to honor the Cavs, he was to meet with Trump at the White House regarding the transition of power. It was unlikely that the two most powerful men on the planet and the self-proclaimed Best Player on the Planet would all cross paths.

Richard Jefferson predicts Cavs will be last championship team to visit the White House | New York Daily News
Maybe I'm reading too much into this but since Richard Jefferson says the Cleveland Cavaliers will be the last team to visit the White House, is he telling us something about the future? Did someone tell him to say this on purpose as a form of predictive programming? Will an event be happening soon that will change the United States government? This video came to mind about Barack Obama saying at the 2016 White House National Correspondents Dinner that perhaps it would be the "last Correspondents Dinner" and the "the end of the Republic never looked better."