Wednesday, November 2, 2016

63 Year Old Nut Attacks TSA Officers With Machete...ALL STAGED GARBAGE

This is absolutely hilarious how badly staged this event was. Why is the security footage from all these staged events always crappy? Seriously this footage looks really bad for the CCTV technology that is available, especially in airports.

A 63 year old mentally disturbed man goes an a machete attack on TSA officers at New Orleans Airport.
CCTV footage shows what a load of garbage it all was. TOTALLY STAGED and of course he is shot dead withing seconds and no blood to be seen.

Peekay Truth

The New Orleans Airport incident involving a Machete wielding 63 year old was nothing but a staged hoax. CCTV footage totally proves this as well as an interview by a supposed witness who gives the whole thing up completely with his lies.

Peekay Truth

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