Björk Is Into Bestiality

Bjork in swan dress
Native Icelandic and alternative pop singer Björk wants you all to know nature turns her on. Yes, as in sexually.

According to a new interview with the Evening Standard, Björk has always found animals sexy, despite also liking what much of the world finds to be traditionally sexy.
“I like bestiality,” the singer continues. “I get turned on by nature. I don’t find urban brothel situations very hot. But that’s just my taste… like, National Geographic porn.”
You might be able to infer her love for bestiality from some of her feminist music, which has been around for over two decades now. Rather than outwardly using sexual lyrics, she tends to include a lot of moaning and unique, suggestive sounds into her songs, which makes it easy for the listener to project their own sexual fantasies. You could even argue such sounds are more primal-sounding than anything else.
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