The Bending And The Breaking Of Will (Masters and Servants)

How do the corrupt rulers of this world justify their unjust actions? How do the people justify their apathy, their abdication of personal responsibility and their consent to be ruled?

In order to properly understand how psychological programming can effect our actions and inactions, it is often necessary to travel down some uncomfortable roads. In the following examples, I will use some Bible verses to help illustrate how harmful ideas can be transmitted into both the conscious and subconscious mind (often without us even realizing it).

This is not intended to be a personal attack on anyone's beliefs. I am using Christianity here as an example because I grew up as a Christian and, therefore, I am most familiar with it. However, the same type of programming can also be seen woven into many other religious belief systems as well. It can also be seen interwoven into television programs, movies, music, the internet, video games, advertising, military, police and corporate "cult"ure.
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