Normalizing Incest: Mother And Son Charged With Incest Are Unapologetic And Madly In Love

Caleb Peterson, left, and Monica Mares, right, are charged with incest in New Mexico.
Mares, 36, gave birth to Peterson when she was 16 and gave him up for adoption shortly after he was born.

She told the Daily Mail that they reconnected last year on Facebook. She hadn’t seen him since he was a baby until she picked him up at his adoptive father’s house in Texas and brought him to her home in Clovis.

She said she got “butterflies” in her stomach when they met.

“I met him outside, and I knew it was him when he came towards me. He was crying, and he gave me a hug. It was almost love at first sight, but first it was mother love. He gave me a mother hug,” she said.

“He came home in the truck and came to live with me, and we were both happy as mother and son.”

Then, she said, she started getting “crazy” feelings about her son, like she had met “somebody new in my life and I fell in love with him.”

She said that when she shared her feelings with him he told her was in love with her, too. They began a sexual relationship.

The two say they are speaking publicly to raise awareness of genetic sexual attraction, or GSA — sexual attraction between biological relatives who meet for the first time as adults.

Some psychologists believe it happens because people are often attracted to people who are like themselves. People who grow up together develop a sexual aversion to being attracted to each other like that. Researchers suggest that kind of reverse sexual imprinting evolved to prevent biological relatives from inbreeding.
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