Don’t Say ‘Vegan’ — The Term Is Now ‘Plant-Based’
How do you get more people to try vegan food? Don’t call it vegan.

Indeed, the newest trend in vegan eating eschews the term that’s loaded with baggage and instead substitutes a new term: plant-based food.

“If I took somebody off the street and said, ‘My restaurant is vegan,’ they start thinking, ‘Hippie, tempeh, tofu, I’ll bet your restaurant has bamboo floors,’” said Scot Jones, the executive chef at Crossroads restaurant in Los Angeles. “People wrap their heads around ‘plant-based’ much more than they do ‘vegan.’”

Jones, co-author of “Crossroads,” a book that already has made several best-of lists, recently came to town to teach a class at the Culinary Institute of America-San Antonio.

At Crossroads, there are no labels such as “vegetarian” or “vegan.” It is described only as a Mediterranean small-plates restaurant.
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