Thursday, August 4, 2016

50th Anniversary Of Bob Dylan's Motorcycle Accident HOAX

Good video except for the Nazi pin this guy wore on purpose most likely to discourage most people from taking the info he presents seriously. He also puts too much emphasis on how elite Jews are pulling the strings from behind the scenes, once again I think to dissuade most people from taking this motorcycle hoax/bizarre fucked up nature of the music industry seriously. Unfortunately that's what you have to settle for with info from controlled opposition.

Bob Dylan's music suddenly changed from that thin mercury sound, as he called it, to a almost country, folksy sound on July 29th, 1966 when he had his alleged motorcycle accident. Here, tormented Dylan fan Brian Ruhe, confesses his disillusionment that Bob Dylan faked his own motorcycle accident to keep the pressure and the spotlight off of himself.

Jewish Bob Dylan is likely a member of the Council on Foreign Relations! Brian's torment deepens as he is opposed to this Jew World Order.

Brian Ruhe

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