Thursday, August 4, 2016

3 Views Of Falling Man Debunked

I am in a debate with yankee451. He insist the 3 different views match and support the notion that the video is genuine and not faked/CGI.

I disagree.

Below is the result of my analysis.

In second view, when the man begins to slip and fall. He is on the same floor as the piece steel/aluminum extruding from the side of the tower.

Yet, in the third, the man is on the next lower floor as he begins to fall. This has nothing to do with focal length or prespective. It is plain to see the man is in a different location when he begins to fall.

In the first view, the man is waving his coat around and around at least five times. Yet, in the second view, it is clear to see the man is attempting to hook his coat on the piece of steel/aluminum extruding from the towers. His coat moves side to side not around and around.

The shot then fades to black, but when the shot picks up again. The man is lower on the tower and there is no coat.


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