Orlando Cop Treats Shooting As A Joke (HAHAHAHA, WINK WINK)

This is a good video by Peekay. Why is this guy winking and laughing at a press conference for a mass shooting? I can't believe people are just going to ignore videos like this showing how the witnesses, police, etc. involved in this event are laughing and not being serious if this Orlando Nightclub shooting is supposed to be real. How can you not see this is all bullshit. People are getting caught smiling and laughing for what is being called the biggest mass shooting in American history. Yet all this smiling and laughing. Okay, I guess people can't be convinced they've been fooled.

What more proof does anyone need when we see a top Orlando cop Laughing and Smiling with cheesy grins as well as Winking at a very serious Press Conference?
WAKE UP AMERICA AND THE WORLD it's right in your faces. This guy is showing you what a total joke this whole shooting event was.
If you can't see this well i'm sad to say this world has NO HOPE.

Peekay Truth