Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Muhammad Ali & Stephen Curry Exposed


I'm glad Russianvids did this video because the information needs to be put out there.

When Muhammad Ali became a Muslim, I think that it was a cover for him being a Freemason and Islam is known to be considered Saturn worship. You can find tons of information on the Islamic connection to Saturn worship all over the internet. Saturn worship is basically a form of worshiping Satan. Not surprised there because Muhammad Ali was already a Luciferian as Russianvids shows.

I notice a lot of celebrities, musicians and professional athletes became Muslim during the time Muhammad Ali did. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Cat Stevens come to mind. Why are all these popular figures who are given to us converting to Islam? I think they know Islam is really a form of Saturn worship and instead of coming out as a Satanist, becoming Muslim is a good cover. The innocent Muslim men and women who are part of the religion because they don't know it's Saturn worship are being fucked over though.

Also I'm sick and tired of Stephen Curry and the fucking Luciferian hand signs he keeps throwing up all the time. Seems to me the Golden State Warriors are filled with a Luciferian agenda. They even have 666 foam fingers. Is this to sell Lucifer/Satan to the masses and get them to embrace the hand signs?$_1.JPG

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