Tribal Shamans Were The Controlling Priests & Politicians Before Civilization

This video shows how Tribal Shamans in primitive societies are like the Luciferian and Occultist psychopaths that are controlling us right now. Shamans remind me of the Luciferians, Satanists, Occult worshipers, and pagan witchcraft like Wiccas. Demonic occult worship has to go back to primitive man and now it has progressed to where it is now.

Shamans were the priests and politicians of tribal cultures long before so called "civilized" societies existed in this current age. We are told the oldest evidence of Shamans is in Siberia, but the role they represent of controlling people in the tribe is a role FAR more ancient than what was uncovered by modern day archaeology in Siberia. Just look at how mind controlled and brainwashed these tribal members are to bow down and act like literal animals at the direct command of a Shaman.

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