The Ways The Pentagram Is Depicted In Government Institutions

Good video/audio explaining how rampant the use of the Pentagram and Satanism is throughout Government institutions. The problem in this video is Mark Passio recommends reading the Satanic Bible and works by Anton Lavey. That is by design. He says he is a "former" priest in the Church of Satan. I think it's like Ex-CIA. There is no Ex-CIA, once CIA always CIA. So I think Mark Passio is still a Satanist, but has been put before us to gives us some truth but mix in occult and Satanic hooks in order to get people to worship or become fascinated with Satanism and the occult.

I am 100% convinced that there are people like Mark Passio and others put before us to get us fascinated with the occult by exposing the occult. The exposing of the occult gets us interested. The point of exposing us to the occult is to get us to join it or embrace it. I rarely hear these people who have a big following that expose the occult ever say it's bad and to avoid it or embrace God. Too bad lots of people will be duped, but there is hope for others to use critical thinking and avoid being sucked into loving the occult. It's only going to get more and more ramped up.

I don't want to be ignorant of the occult, but I want to know about the deception that is being employed by it.

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