The Future One World Religion Is The New Age?
This New Age church has over 20 million enthusiastic members in the United States who adore their new age leaders.

These new age leaders or "preachers" do not say that they are servants of, nor the voice of a false God or religion. Notwithstanding they are indeed performing that exact service to their "Gods". Some new age practitioners may not even know that they believe in or serve a false doctrine or religion. These new age priests and priestesses are deceiving millions into rejecting God's word and the bible and are embracing, instead, a convoluted theology that is straight from Satan and Hell. It is the same message that Satan used to deceive Adam and Eve into rejecting God at the Garden of Eden; the original sin at the cradle of civilization.

Regrettably, the spiritual message that all new age leaders are preaching in this so called New Age Movement is totally void of God and the Holy bible. New Age concepts are focused on the modern day approach to everything. They preach a feel good message such as: "just treat everyone as you would like to be treated and you are on the path to become like God". They preach wonderful messages such as: "We are Gods, since God is in us, and god is everywhere".