The British Invasion Was A Psy Op?

Joe Atwill returns to the show to discuss the Dionysian rock festivals of the 1960's, the Beatles and the British Invasion. We talk about how the rock festival fad was part of a mass mind control experiment. We also discuss the Fab Four's ties to Freemasonry and the likelihood that the entire British popular music scene of that era was a psy-op targeting the American people. Mar 17, 2016

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Joseph Atwill provides good information on how the 1960s British invasion was a Psyop and most of the 1960s counter-culture was a psyop.

I don't trust Joseph Atwill mainly because he is Jesuit trained. He attended a prestigious Jesuit institution. Also he claims in his book Caesar's Messiah, that the Roman Empire invented Jesus Christ and by doing so faked their empire collapse so to go under the guise of the Roman Catholic Church and still control the masses this time using Jesus Christ and a religion that revolves around it.

I agree the Roman Empire fake collapsed. I don't agree they invented Jesus Christ. In my opinion I think the Luciferian/Paganists/Devil worshiping Roman Empire seized the opportunity to take advantage of Jesus Christ, their enemy, by making a religion and power structure called the Roman Catholic Church. Notice it's called Roman not anything Jesus Christ? Also where did Catholic come from? Not from God or Jesus Christ.

Why wouldn't Luciferians take the son of God and make a mockery religion around him? No big surprise there. The history of the Catholic Church can tell you everything you need to know how screwed up it is going back thousands of years and it's more of a mockery and power/control structure then anything to do with Jesus Christ. Also Jesus and God were never quoted in the Bible as saying start a religion and build churches. That comes from the occult practices way before Jesus. The innocent Catholics who don't realize the mockery that the Catholic Church is are being deceived and that was by design.

Also remember the Holy Roman Empire emerged after the "Roman Empire Collapsed". Once it became "Holy", then it was okay for the Roman Empire to reappear.

Basically Caesar's Messiah is truth mixed with lies from controlled opposition person given to us Joe Atwill.

Also I like how Joe Atwill mentions several times how the one eye symbol is the Freemasonry identified trademark, pretty much accepted knowledge if you look up one eye symbolism associated with Freemasonry. I just hope Joe knows that Jay Dyer might think that is a misunderstanding on his part, LOL! Joe mentions how Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land is an homage to Freemasonry which I didn't know.