Saturday, May 28, 2016

Surfing The Feminist Waves

Good talk about Feminism by Jay Dyer and Matt Forney. They bring up a lot of the absurdities and ridiculousness of Feminism. Matt Forney makes some good points about how out of control Feminism is and the over emphasis of female equality, but he takes it to far. If you visit his websites you will see what I mean. I think Forney is put out there to get men to wake up to the Feminism con and then he is also put out there to go over the top with a anti-woman stance/women are subhuman type of commentary. He still produces good information despite this.

Matt Forney of and joined me for a chat about his recent articles that have caused quite a stir. No stranger to controversy, JaysAnalysis was interested in jumping into the fray to talk with Matt about the history of suffrage, surfing the feminist waves, social engineering, leftist strategies, foreign polices, radical Islam, online social "justice" warriors, inversion of hierarchies, gender issues, booty worship, and much more!

Side note: I said "Third International," and meant the Paris Commune. -Jay

Jay D

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