Pope John Paul II Invited Numerous False Religions And Pagans To A Day Of Prayer In Assisi In 1986

In this video the star actors from all the major religions come together for a very bizarre ritual for the public to see. This strikes me as odd that this occurred. I think it's mockery because here are all the major names that lead all the religions and they are joining together like they are all the same. I think all the religions are to get people away from God and to control people and direct them through deception to Lucifer/Satan, pagan gods and occult beliefs. The innocent people who want a relationship with God through religion are being deceived because religions are designed to get you to have a relationship with the occult, pagan gods and Lucifer.

In 1986 Pope John Paul II invited numerous false religions and pagans to a day of prayer in Assisi. this is what the New World Order is all about !! bringing all false religions together.