Is This How Dinosaur Fossils Were Created?

dinosaurs, cavemen and prehistoric animals never existed. Fossils are rock sediment impressions made out of rock sediments like sandstone and not bone. You can mix wet cement and sand to produce a sandstone fossil and can even use lime powder to produce a limestone fossil. You would pour the wet cement into a mold of a dinosaur skeleton you created and once its dry you would have a legit dinosaur fossil. You can watch my vids to how create some.
Background Story on this. The first dinosaur fossils were created by paleontologist scam artists. The first paleo scam artists that started from 1856-1890 the scamming is O.C mash, joseph leidy and edward cope who were close friends and who created most of the dinos in the jurrassic and early cretaceous period which they sold for millions to museums and got millions from the government. Their family members and employees like C.H. Sternberg would continue their scamming of creating dinosaur fossils of the late cretaceous period and selling them. C.H. Sternberg would be the fourth youngest member that would continue the fossil creating and scamming into the 1900's along with his family members after the 3 died. Look at my vids on how to create a legit dinosaur fossil.
here is a link to sandstone statue that people created.
More EXTRA Info
Dinosaur Fossils cannot be carbon tested but instead the terrain on which they are found is tested by sedimentary layers testing. A rocky terrain layer has several layers and the deeper the layer/lower the layer the older its considered but not all terrains have the same amount of rock sedimentary layers.
So the scam artists, O.C marsh, joseph leidy and edward cope created the fossils and than picked a location in isolated locations in colorado and Wyoming than spilled some pool of watery lime/sand mixed with cement on the location and than buried the fossils in the spilled pool of sand/lime mixed cement. Once it was dry they pretended to be digging in that location of course they had armed men preventing anyone from spying on what they were doing. Colorado and Wyoming is the location where the the 3 would find all of their dino fossils whereas by concidence Their friend C.H sternberg would move to canada and by considence find all the fossil he found of late cretacous period in canada.
The government never questioned or tested the fossils because the put the trust on 3 paleontologists who were the culprits in the scamming in the first place.
Before 1856 dinosaurs were not accepted by the public as real. Some people had claimed to find just a tooth, or a shoulder fossil of a large lizard but they were not able to convince the people so the 3 paleo scam artists created a full skeleton of a fake lizard which they called a dinosaurs

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