False Teachers


I post material on this blog that comes from a lot of Luciferians. I can see the occult symbols, logos, emblems, etc. that display their faith in Lucifer. Even though I post their stuff, I also know they spread lies with the truth they put out. I've come to expect that. Truth mixed with lies. I will take the truth if it means I have to deal with lies from these people.

YouTube comes to mind as a controlled opposition Luciferian platform for truth. There are tons of YouTube videos I post on here from YouTube channels I can tell are controlled opposition and displaying their occult/Luciferian allegiance. That's just the lay of the land. The good stuff unfortunately comes from these people who are occultist/Luciferians.

There is no way in hell I will be ever falling head over heels in supporting any Luciferian agenda or embracing the occult. I think a lot of controlled opposition people given to us are there to get us to love the occult and their symbols. I will not.

I for one will not support any occult shit or embrace Lucifer and all the occult convoluted shit that is promoted. The ones giving us truth might be false teachers, but I am willing to post the stuff that exposes the lies and shows the truth. The false teachers will not influence me to embrace Lucifer and the have a fascination with the occult. That will not happen.


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