Deconstructing Vatican II & The Papacy

Good talk by Jay Dyer. I think Roman Catholicism is a con used to get people away from God and closer to pagan worship, Lucifer and the occult. There have been a number of times I have come across Catholics who have miniature statues of Joseph, Mary and Jesus in their homes. That is idol worship which according to the bible, God forbids because it's basically paganism, worshiping of false idols. There are many other forms of mockery of God's word according to the bible within the Catholic Church, but for some reason Catholics have no idea. After listening to Jay talk about Vatican II and the Papacy, Vatican II and Vatican I now seem like fodder for Catholics to waste time on, which is pretty much by design from the Vatican. Roman Catholicism controls people and it works and people keep going along with it and the Vatican continues on.

Upon being invited to discuss philosophy and theology with a group of guys in St. Louis, I was inspired to record my reflections on the weekend. JaysAnalysis was on the road this round, so forgive the background highway noise. This reflection constitutes an overall, yet fairly advanced, assessment of the course Roman Catholic theology has taken the last millennium, up to Vatican II. In this talk, I present Vatican II as the culmination of a long line of theological and philosophical errors that have resulted in the current collapse. Also covered are the deep state connections to Rome and the modernization of its dogma and praxis in ecumenism and process theology.

See this post at for the referenced documents and encyclicals:

Jay D