Brooke Shields: I'd like to 'chip' my children!
"I'm not thinking of it in terms of sports as much as I would love to put one in my kids,'' Shields said on TODAY's Take Thursday. "I honestly am not completely against chipping my children."
Shields, the mother of two daughters, noted how the family dog has a microchip that helped authorities return the pooch after he ran away from their home in New York City.

Calling it "creepy and futuristic," the actress nonetheless had an idea of how to get the device implanted in her girls.

"I thought I would do it in their sleep,'' she joked. "Mom, what was that? 'Oh, I don't know it's a mosquito.'''

She already has a brand name picked out for her fictional product.

"How do you find your children if they somehow get kidnapped?'' she said. "I like the tracking device. I like a little LoJack on my babies. I want a BabyLo — a baby LoJack."
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I guarantee you this was no joking around and that she was told to say this by her handler most likely for money or part of her celebrity, to promote the human implantable microchip as normal.