The Holocaust: Playing Soccer and Singing Songs

I didn't know getting to sing and play soccer was torture. Now I know, LOL!

A Jewish "Holocaust Survivor" describes being transited through "pure extermination camp" Sobibor to another camp, where upon arrival, Jews from Bohemia were playing soccer and singing.

We are told that the concentration and labor camps of the Germans were "Hells on Earth."

Would you voluntarily play soccer and sing songs if you were hungry and emaciated, with evil demonic guards willing to select you for death if you didn't have enough energy to work?

Video testimony such as this prove Jewish concentration camp inmates were at times well fed enough to play energetic recreational soccer games.

Holocaust Revisionists or Holocaust Deniers claim the photographs and video of emaciated "human skeletons" shown at the end of the war are victims not of a deliberate starvation / extermination policy, but victims of disease and the bombing of supply lines to camps by the Allies. They are representative of the collapse of the entire German infrastructure at the end of the most devastating war mankind has ever seen, not representative of the condition of camp inmates throughout World War II.

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