Susan Sarandon Drank Timothy Leary’s Ashes
Indeed, ironically, Burning Man was originally a Pagan human sacrifice ritual and during a modern day reenactment of the ritual, Susan Sarandon drank the ashes of the man whose corpse was burn (cremated) Timothy Leary.

Leary is known as many things such as a “drug guru” best known for his motto “Turn on, tune in, drop out” as in get “turned on” which was 1960s AD common parlance for getting high on drugs, “tune in” as in into, like, the vibe maaaaan and “drop out” or society and its traditional values.

Timothy Leary also claimed to be continuing the work of Aleister Crowley who was the most infamous occultist of the 20th century and who also gave instructions for human/child sacrifice (see here).

Patricia Garcia reported that Susan Sarandon “has been remarkably candid about her experiences with psychedelics, recounted her mission to take her friend Timothy Leary’s ashes to a temple she and a group of people had built at Burning Man.” Regarding Timothy Leary’s ashes, she stated, “We diluted them for a toast at the end of the day” and drank them at the 2015 AD ritual (Susan Sarandon Drank Timothy Leary’s Ashes at Burning Man,” Vogue, September 11, 2015 AD).

Leary had ties to the CIA and was obviously involved in that which is known in conspiracy circle common parlance as Operation Culture Creation. Of course, one cannot create a culture when a culture already exists. Or rather, one must create a culture within a culture (thus, a subculture) and destroy the original culture from the inside. Thus, the 1960s counterculture/subculture was a manner whereby to collapse the traditional values of the culture via creating supposed order (a new world order) from chaos. The chaos of that which the 1960s left in its wake: people addicted to drugs, alcoholics, broken homes, abortion, STDs, etc., etc., etc.
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Ken Ammi