Lucy Decoded
So Lucy makes me think of the show “I Love Lucy” and its star Lucille Ball. So we have Lucy Ball. Ball can be “spelled” BAAL as well. And “Baal” is another name for Lucifer… Lucifer Baal…

Here is Lucille as “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”…

Yes, the Beatles were Baal worshipers as well…. Look at Lucy in the painting. She is doing the “as above, so below”. One arm red, pointing up, and one arm blue, pointing down. The stars are the six pointed stars, Star of David, one triangle up and one triangle down.
And here they give a shout out to the “Wickedest Man Alive” at the time… Mr. AC himself (Anti-Christ) Aleister Crowley. Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band… Pepper as opposed to Salt. Black as opposed to White. And Pepper has three P’s in it. We’ll see the significance of the 3 P’s which equal 3 7’s in a bit. Also “Hearts Club” to club the heart…
Now I’m sure some of this is not new to you but I am showing you the connections so you can see how they are an organized front and ARE behind most of the entertainment industry.

Let’s look at the Director, Luc Besson… Lucifer Besson… Besson is similar to “bessos” or “kisses” en Espanol, … Lucifer’s kisses… then we have George Lucas or George Lucifer, who got his big break by filming a snuff film at the Altamont Rolling Stones concert where a Hells Angel member stabbed Meredith Hunter, a fan in the audience, while George filmed it. George’s film Star Wars, came out in 1977… 77… no coincidence there either. We’ll discuss the meaning of 77 shortly.
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