Is Alan Watt About To "Exit The Stage"?

Alan Watt says he's very ill in his latest Blurb: Apr. 10, 2016 "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk): "Very Important, Very Ill".

I hope Alan Watt tries alternative remedies to get better. To me it sounded like he was forecasting his death. Is he really ill? Will he be "exiting the stage" soon and faking his death?

Alan Watt is definitely controlled opposition and in a secret society as you can find on Google masonic hand gestures he gives in his video interviews such as the ones above. He's been on Alex Jones, History Channel, and other controlled opposition shows. He worked in the music industry behind the scenes writing for mainstream bands allegedly. If you're in the music industry at that level, I think you have to sell your soul. Also he always says let your God or your Gods go with you at the end of his Blurbs. He shouldn't be saying Gods. That is occult speak. He should only say God.

Alan Watt provided a lot of good information that was worth listening to over the time he has been putting out audios. Information on secret societies, Non Government Organizations, history, and other stuff you can't get anywhere else from the people/leaders given to us to reveal the cons going on.

Alan Watt did put out a lot of disinformation too in his Blurbs, but it's up to the listener to figure out which information is for real and which is the poison. That's how all these people that are given to us to follow operate. Give you truth mixed with lies as Russianvids says, and that applies to him as well. I will take the truth mixed with lies because it's better than not knowing and being ignorant to what is really going on and what our reality really is.