Hollywood, The Media And The Occult

Media Encircles or Acts As a Screen, Occulting The Real World

A screen indicates hiding something or keeping a secret. Thus the term, occult. Occult means hidden, nothing more. Art commissioned in the service of the church which keeps the flock encircled and safe from harm. By the twentieth century, religion had moved to Hollywood. The word religion, derives from the Latin religio or link, like a ligament, or links in a chain, to connect or reconnect, etc.
While we are on the subject of heavenly bodies, let's recall that newspapers print daily horoscopes for the masses. An "occult" obsession no? The Zodiac Killer would seem aptly named.
Of course, he couldn't stay away from the most famous murder mini-series of the late 1960's, The Tate Murders, starring Charlie Manson. Here he is commenting on fellow cast member, President Nixon's obviously prejudicial remarks. I am more serious than jesting, sadly, as I can't help but think that most of what we call or know of as history, is mostly theater. This might be an example of shilling. Here we have the typical one side versus another, puppet show. What the public doesn't realize is that both sides read from the same script, or so it seems. It's hard to discern truth from fiction when watching the news. I think this is done on purpose in order to make it difficult to tell a fabricated story from a real one. The other reason that the news is all reported in a very shallow manner, might be that this is the modus operandi that enables fictional content to blend in with fact based reporting, with only a few behind the scenes people needing to be "in the know".

Again we see the news media and Hollywood's fascination with horrifying stories and scaring the public. I can't help but this think this is the MK Ultra Mind Control Program, with the target being your mind.
Prescott Bush's story reminds me of another's Presidential father, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. and his time running RKO Pictures, back in the 1920's or so. These guys have more in common than not. I'd think these two families would more likely be allies than enemies. 
The green rooster logo design, found on the mass produced  Kellogg's Corn Flakes boxes of the era. Corn or "maize" the golden product of the Sun's rays.
The green rooster logo design, found on the mass produced Kellogg's Corn Flakes boxes of the era. Corn or "maize" the golden product of the Sun's rays.

The rooster greets the Sun every morning with his legendary call. The rooster then can be considered a Sun symbol.

"Pollo" in Latin means "chicken". Apollo then might be associated with the rooster, a male chicken. Like the "Pathé" logo above.
Predictive Programming or Fiction as Inspiration for Psy-ops?

It seems that Hollywood inspires "real (reel?) life events' or rather the fictions passed off as such, by the mass media. The news media is but one part of this hydra and Hollywood another.
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