Hollywood Freemasons And Vince McMahon's WWE & Ted Turner's WCW Wrestling Connection To 9/11

I was blown away by this video. The connections the WWF or WWE and WCW had and have to the Luciferian and Satanic agendas is mind-boggling. The writers who worked for these wrestling promotions were getting told what to do from people not connected to the wrestling business.


Also Russianvids brings up Owen Hart dying at 33 from falling from the ceiling in a wrestling entrance to a match. He actually died at age 34, not 33, but for some reason most media outlets back in 1999 when the death happened reported his age as 33. What is the reason behind that? Also was Owen Hart's death staged or was it real? I've already played out this scenario in my mind thinking they could have dropped a dummy in the ring from the ceiling and Owen Hart would come out from under the ring and be in place where the dummy is and act like he's dead. Also when Owen Hart allegedly fell the lights in the arena were dim and some interview was playing on the arena big television. Good way to pull off a staged death with dim lights and fans distracted.

Also I have found other stuff on Owen Hart alleged death such as there is a quote out there where Owen Hart talked about wanting to disappear from the public spotlight and be left alone about 6 months prior to his death. I think the clues are out there to be searched for.


  1. errr Owen hart was not 33 when he died. He was born May 7th 1965 which would make him 34 at the time of his death, please get your facts straight...

  2. Are you serious? Where are you seeing this? I never wrote Owen Hart was age 33 when he died. I wrote he was age 34. Therefore my facts are straight. I can't believe you wrote this.

  3. Hi QOR, my apologies. It's stated in the above ^ video. "Owen Hart was 33 which is symbolic of the 33 degree freemasons etc.." And I assumed that you produced the video ?

  4. Russianvids created the video, not me. He is saying that Owen Hart died at age 33 in the video, which is wrong but most of the news media reported Owen's death at age 33.

    Here is a video that shows the different media outlets saying he died at the age 33, when it should have been reported as age 34:


    33 has occult significance. The same thing happened with Chyna's alleged death. A lot of media outlets reported Chyna's age of death as 45, not the correct age of 46. 45 is 4+5=9, 9 being a significant occult number.

    Googling Chyna's death and here's what I see for news:


    The news media reports her dying at the age 45 and it's wrong and hasn't been changed. How can a mistake like that happen? She was about to be 47 having been born in 1969.

    There is obviously something going on with the misreporting of the ages of death by the media. I don't believe the media is accidentally doing this. There is a purpose or occult significance to it. Does it have something to do with code for fake deaths? I'm not sure.

  5. Oh right, yeah it seems quite strange. I've spend many hours and research into consipracy theories surrounding wrestlers' deaths. Owen's I think was quite suspicious for many reasons. The only think I don't understand if Vince wanted to have him killed, surely there was a chance of him surviving after that fall ?

    Also I dont know if you noticed, how eerie the cover for the WWE PPV "Over the Limit" was ? It infers the name "Over the Edge" with WWE wrestler "Edge" running seemingly fast on the event poster. Although they named the event "Over the Limit". Judge for yourself, the poster can be viewed here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Over_the_Limit_(2010)#/media/File:Over_the_Limit_(2010).jpg .

    They also held it exactly 11 years after Owen's death and had the nerve to almost give the event the even title they said they retired. Hardly no one has picked this up, but I think it's quite cheeky and it's almost the WWE boasting that they can do what they want in "plain site"... What are your thoughts on the poster ? Surely it all cant be a coinsidence can it ?

  6. Wow, exactly 11 years later. No coincidence. Also I'm sure this served as a reminder to fans about the Over the Edge PPV from 1999 to remember Owen Hart's death. I still think it's an alleged death because I don't know for sure what happened and it could have been staged, but still this was done on purpose by WWE.

  7. Alleged death is ridiculous, as he wouldn't do that to his wife, fans and kids. This wasn't 2Pac Shakur (who actually is alive). This was someone who sadly no doubt passed away in front of the world... If WWE did do this then why ? What motive did they have ?

  8. I don't know for sure if Owen Hart died on May 23, 1999 or not. I wasn't there. Seeing evidence for so many celebrities faking their deaths, I'm skeptical of celebrity deaths reported by the media. Also the source of Owen Hart's death is coming from the media who has lied about so many news events being real when they have been proven to be staged or faked.

    In my opinion, if Owen Hart's death was staged, surely his family is in on it. I also read that Owen Hart was quoted as saying he wanted to disappear from the public spotlight and this was 6 months before the Over the Edge 1999 PPV. I have a hard time believing Owen Hart was actually murdered. What purpose would that serve and why take that risk? If he did die, the official story that it was an accident seems plausible.

    Also you have to remember these wrestlers are in the business of faking. They are professional fakers. That's what they do. Professional wrestling involves scripted storylines, even though I'm sure some of the wrestling moves hurt, but still it's a form of theater. You could also argue wrestlers are paid liars. The wrestling business didn't openly admit to wrestling being scripted until the internet came along after decades of misleading fans to thinking it was real. So I wouldn't think it's that much of a stretch to lie about a death being staged, because pro wrestling has had a history of lying, keeping secrets, and staging.


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