"Basketball Is An Acting Sport"

sports are merely ENTERTAINMENT...meaning what you are seeing is not necessarily genuine competition...

Mark da Illi
The NBA is probably one of the most rigged professional sports leagues in the United States. I always liked the fact of so called all time great Michael Jordan, that in 1,218 NBA games (regular season, playoffs and all-star games), he never fouled out of a game somehow. Also the infamous story of NBA referee Tim Donaghy getting busted for betting on NBA games and admitting that NBA games are fixed:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Donaghy. Also when reading the wikipedia page on him it says that the high school he went to also produced three other NBA refeeres Joe Crawford, Mike Callahan, and Ed Malloy, LOL! Just a coincidence, right?

Since "basketball is an acting sport", I'm not surprised Magic Johnson is possibly paid to act like he really has HIV and push that myth.