The Hoaxbusters Call Gets Assaulted

Ab Irato of post: 9/11 troll activates on is exactly what I was thinking when I heard Chris of talk to Greg Quinones: Call with Greg Quinones.

I agree with everything Ab said from the post:
Greg starts out the call normally, but then he talks nuclear, including the ever elusive small nuclear reactors that will solve the world’s energy needs. Is the SNR a myth? I think so.

Greg has slowly worked his way on the hoaxbusters call, and today is the day he reveals his cards/purpose for calling in: he activate his false 9/11 stories.

At 2:46:00 Greg unleashes his 9/11 fables. Among my favorite fairy tales: Greg said that he was in a marching band that performed in the WTC. Greg also knew cops and firefighters that died, friends at Cantor Fitzgerald, and the crane operator who worked three years (!) cleaning up the site and contracted MS from the experience.
I also like what Vespa Douglas said in his comment to Ab:
The coughing just before he started his tale is hilarious .
Also when describes the smoke .
” it was black”
” black , black”
” grey ”
” black ”
It is utterly ridiculous and I appreciate Ab for having the patience to listen to hours of talk from arseholes like this . . I would never have listened long enough to find this gem .
I'm getting sick and tired of people taking advantage of Chris by disrupting his calls which usually happens on TalkShoe. Greg used an entire audio to push disinformation and lies on Chris and his listeners. To me, Greg is an agent, probably a secret society member, and well connected to intelligence or has shady connections to push fear and disinformation like he did to Chris. Greg doesn't just do this on Hoax Busters but on other broadcasts he's on. Greg should issue Chris an apology and fire off a donation at