San Bernardino Shooting: A Man's I-Phone Saved His Life

Product placement, corporate advertising, and corporate sponsorship for the San Bernardino Shooting just in time for Christmas:

Miracle: Kevin Ortiz was saved when his iPhone deflected a bullet from hitting his chest. He was shot five more times, twice in one thigh and in the arms and shoulders but is expected to pull through, his mother said
The extraordinary stories of how some managed to survive the massacre by the Muslim couple emerged today.

One man escaped death by fractions of an inch after a bullet fired by the San Bernardino shooters was deflected by the iPhone in his shirt pocket. 

Daily Mail: The Shooting Survivor Saved By His Cell Phone

Straight after the Paris Hoax, when a man 'allegedly' had his life saved by a Samsung S6, the very next hoax, a man gets his life saved by an I-phone

They say you can't make this shit up, I say they can, and they do make it up