The Drills Go Live

Just like happened during 7/7, 9/11, 7/22 and Boston, there happened to be drills running a "training exercise" a multi-site shooting drill coordinating the exact same people who would later in the day be used for the Paris attacks.

If this was the first time something like this had happened it could be brushed off as a strange "coincidence" however, since this exact same thing has happened during almost every single major "terror attack" of the last few decades it can no longer be viewed as such, but instead a clear indication the drills taking place shortly before the attacks are a pivotal element of staging fake terror attacks.

No longer a "bizarre coincidence" if it keeps happening over and over again, but instead a very important rehearsal for what is about to take place, not unlike sports teams holding a morning scrimmage before a game.

The Paulstal Service