The Fake Boston Marathon Bombing Trial 


That is telling us that the defendant, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is guilty as presumed. But notice who is saying that. It is Tsarnaev's own defense attorney, Judy Clarke, in her opening statement. Don't you find it a little odd that Tsarnaev's attorney is admitting he is guilty in her opening statement? Do you really think the legal system works that way?"

"In a criminal trial, the prosecuting attorney is hired to argue the side of the State and the defense attorney is hired to argue the side of the defendant. The defense attorney must argue for a not guilty finding, even if he or she knows the defendant is guilty. That is the process. If both attorneys are arguing for a guilty verdict, then the trial is pointless."

"the accused has a right to a trial and a right to an attorney. As part of that right, the accused has a right to have an attorney argue in his favor. If the defense attorney argues he is guilty, his rights have just been violated. In a real trial, as soon as Tsarnaev's attorney said, “it was him,” the judge would have declared a mistrial, and the defense attorney would have been dismissed, fined, and possibly disbarred. Since none of that happened, we know this trial is fake."
"Some people were appalled that Rolling Stone seemed to be glamorizing Tsarnaev by putting him on the cover looking like a rock star. But even these people asked the wrong question. Tsarnaev had long been in police custody by that time. We are told he has been in solitary confinement for most of the past two years. What is the first thing they do when you go to jail? They cut your hair. It's like the army: they don't allow you to look like a hippie. So as soon as these photos hit the magazines, everyone should have known it was a fake."
"That is supposed to be Tsarnaev in the courtroom, drawn by the court artist. So he still has all that hair, or more of it. Do you really think he is allowed to have hair like that in jail? No, the hair is for effect. Is is part of his role."

"While this fake trial is meant to cement in your mind the fake terrorist event which will justify the Federal government spending billions of your tax dollars fighting fake terrorism, and which will justify further gun control measures, and which will cause more anxiety which will cause you and everyone else to buy more drugs—further enriching the pharmaceutical companies—those aren't the only endgames here. Another is local: these Hollywood trials cost tens of millions of dollars to put on, even though they are just show trials. The fake trial in Denver of the Batman shooter has already cost taxpayers over ten million, and the Boston Marathon trial will generate similar revenue for all these government actors and agencies in Massachusetts. So basically they are manipulating your mind with huge fake events, and then sending you the bill for it. You are paying for your own brainwashing. You are being taxed for the privilege of being lied to all the live-long day."

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