The Baltimore Riots Are Staged For Your Mind

Fake, Fake, Fake! Anyone from Baltimore
leave a comment saying what's really happening.
This whole Freddie Gray story is an obvious Hoax /
Staged Event. Divide and Conquer, Martial Law Drill.

K. Kristopherson

How do you usher in the Police State? You do it through imagery on television. Have the swat teams and Jackboots stand around with the black gear on and shields and it sends the message to you, the police state is here. 

The powers that be don't need to actually entice people to go after the cops for real. They can just have the scary images of cops decked out in their militarized gear to send you the message. These riots are totally staged and 100% fake. 

All you see in the images from the Baltimore Riots is Jackboots standing around waiting and nothing happens. The purpose of faking riots is to put fear into the mind to be afraid that a totalitarian police state is here. Once it's in your mind through seeing it on television, you will accept it. 

Also this is to give the impression black people and white people are divided and should hate each other. The media is there to help put this bullshit into your head. It's all about psychology and programming the mind. Staging events such as riots is nothing new either. Check out the videos on YouTube showing how the Ferguson Riots were staged.