The News Imagery Must Be Scrutinized

To believe that the media does not use CGI in their fake news stories is ignorance of today's technology. 9/11 was almost all CGI, computer animations, and that was 14 years ago. The ability to create like-like simulations have improved drastically, as you'll see in this video.

The news imagery must be scrutinized or we will never expose the deception.

Freeradiorevolution, AKA Jeff C, has attempted to demonize the genuine researchers, who examine and expose every evidence of fakery in these digital simulations. In fact, he has used bullying and peer pressure tactics. This should not be tolerated. Jeff C has infiltrated the truthseeking community and established himself as an authority figure.

Fake news stories, images, videos and fuax science etc, has been used by The Powers That Be for centuries, way before this Jeff C arrived on the scene; the lies and deception run deeper than he is willing to expose. Freeradiorevolution is a shill, a disinfo agent.

Think for yourself, do not be led by a dictator.

Thank you to Simon Shack and Clues Forum.