NPR Sandy Hook Predictive Programming From China

Stumbled upon this while fishing for some initial reports. Who would have thought this would be featured at the same time the events were being "played out" in Connecticut? No coincidences

I found this while pouring through the archives, very interesting. If its mainstream media, they wanted us to see it.. Imagine you are the typical NPR listener. A bleeding heart. Imagine 10 a.m. You're driving to work and you hear this. You'll probably tisk shake your head and say damn. Imagine a world where the government of the country you were living in likes to juice you up manipulate your mind and propagandize you with the juggernaut of a mainstream media. Imagine you hear this news about a Chinese madman attacking elementary school kids, 22 to be exact, then imagine the 11 o'clock news cycle comes across, and you just realize this has happened in your own backyard. Predictive programming. More of the mental health piece... More and more sandy hook looks like it is an attack on all of us and our liberties, not a group of Unfortunate school children.