You Can Never Have Enough Cameras When Filming A Hoax


5+ pre-stationed professional cameramen HIDING FROM EACH OTHER instead of hiding from the "shooter". It sure looks like a movie set.
Let me get this straight: The "shooter" opens fire at the memorial, alerting every guard in the entire Parliament area, then drives two cars towards the Parliament, enters the Parliament unhindered (even though it should be on total lockdown) then makes it through the entire hallway to the other side of the Parliament building before he is stopped? And there happen to be 5 professional cameras pre-stationed in the hallway, not hiding from the "shooter", only concerned with hiding from each other? And the cameramen are being completely ignored by police?
I already knew the event was staged when i saw that other video with the fake police officers having a big laugh at the Parliament building while the "shooting" took place. The easiest way to tell a staged event is to look at the "public servants". if they are relaxed, telling jokes and eating donuts, then there is probably no shooter.